Flemish Food Bash line-up & ticket info

Hi hospitality people,
let us present "Flemish Food Bash N°2” to you, a food convention by the "next generation" for the "next generation". During this festival that lasts an impressive 18 hours, you can talk, taste & share!

What makes Flemish Food Bash N°2 so unique?
For one day, Flemish Food Bash will be the world’s best restaurant. Never before will so many international chefs, mixologists and brewers be working together at the same event. 4 of the 30 beers offered this day are listed in the international top 100 on the renowned www.ratebeer.com.

We provide 20 Belgian chefs, 20 international chefs, 20 mixologists, 8 pastry chefs, 4 bakers, 4 butchers, 4 cheese aficionados, 4 baristas, 4 barbershops, 8 tattoo artists, graffiti artists, beat-boxers, 10 DJ’s & a huge special act!!!

An online (presale) ticket costs 30€ and includes:

  •  Entrance to the festival from Sunday 5th of July noon
    till Monday morning at 6:00 am 
  •  All the recipes of all the cocktails & food you can taste or drink that day, more than 72!

At the festival you can taste:

  •  40 dishes from 40 chefs at 6€
  •  30 beers of the world's best craftsmanship brewery at 3€
  • 20 cocktails at 6€

Book your ticket online, join us at the Flemish Food Bash and enjoy the unashamed celebration of sharing food ideas and creativity.
Check out the local accommodation options.


See you all there!

The Flemish Food Bash team!!

please note:
this is a non-profit event.