Food Bash 4 at Sofie's Sunset Bar. Koksijde

Dear foodies, after a successful edition in Antwerp, Koksijde and Ghent Food Bash is coming to Koksijde once again! Exquisite food, delicious drinks and so much more! Chefs & bartenders will perform from 12 o’clock in shifts of 4 hours each. Cooking will stop at midnight.

Brasserie Edison (Koksijde, BE)
Carcasse (Koksijde, BE)
Willem Hiele (Koksijde, BE)
L'épicerie du Cirque (Antwerp, BE)
Blend (Antwerp, BE)
Spetters (Breskens, NL)
Bistro Bruut (Brugge, BE)
Humphrey (Brussels, BE)
Va et Vient (Kortrijk, BE)
Floris (Brugge, BE)
Rouge Tomate (Brussels, BE)
Burning Butchers (BE)

Sofie Ketels (Koksijde, BE)
Jurgen Nobels (Gent, BE)
Paul Morel  (Antwerp, BE)
Blend (Antwerp, BE)

Sepideh Sedaghatnia  (Antwerp, BE)

Kazen Van Tricht  (Antwerp, BE)

Het Geuzegenootschap 
Struise Brouwers

More names are coming soon. See you on 28th of August at Sofie's Sunset bar in Koksijde. Stay tuned!

The Flemish Food Bash team!

Sofie's Sunset - Zeedijk 295, 8670 Koksijde

please note:
this is an 18+ event.

Handbags are allowed, but will be subjected to rigorous checks. 
Backpacks are not allowed.

FFB3 Line-up is complete!

Dear food lovers,

Only 1 week left and the third edition of Flemish Food Bash is a fact! Get ready for a the biggest rock&roll restaurant in the world. 15 chefs, 15 bartenders, barista’s, butchers, cheese aficionado, DJ’s, barbers, tattoo & graphic artists & some special acts will rock your evening and night.

Chef line-up

Restaurant Simple - Jeroen De Zeeuw, NL
l'épicerie du Cirque* - Dennis Broeckx, Antwerpen, BE
Rock-Fort - Hermes Vanliefde & Peter Lalo, Brugge, BE
Souvenir - Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson (Willie), Ieper, BE
Le Renard - Olivier Maurus, BE
Coeur d’Artichaut - Mathias Van Acker, Gent, BE
Naturell - Jonas Steyaert, Jonas Deman, Ruben Deman, Gent, BE
Blend - Hendrik & Kamiel Buysse,  Antwerpen, BE
La Durée** - Angelo Rosseel, Izegem, BE
Boury* -  Tim Boury, Roeselare, BE
C-Jules - Julie Baekelandt, Zottegem, BE
Bistro Bruut - Bruno Timperman, Brugge, BE
Kraut//Reben - Jan Hugel & Kristof Hulack, DE
Godevaart* - Dave De Belder, BE
Cuiness 33* - Frederik Boussy & Edwin Menue, BE
Onder De Toren - Sam Van Houcke, Hansbeke, BE
Arbutus* - Anthony Demetre & Martin, Zahumensky, UK

Bartender line-up

Tom Zyankali - Berlin, DE
Door 74 - Tess Posthumus & Timo Janse, Amsterdam, NL
RAUS - Jorgen Dons, Trondheim, NO
Boutiq'Bar - Zoltan Nagy, Budapest, HU
Little Red Door - Remy Savage, Paris, FR
Uncle Babe’s Burger Bar - Jurgen Nobels, Vitas Van de Cauter, Gent, BE
Jigger’s - Olivier Jacobs, Jesse De Dulk, Robin Vande Lanotte, B.Bruyneel, Gent, BE
The Drifter - Tom Neijens, Gent, BE
The Pharmacy - Familie Van Ongevalle, Knokke, BE
Sofie’s Living Room - Sofie Ketels, Koksijde, BE
Triple J - Jim Geurts, Bilzen, BE
The Dirty Rabbit - Dries Botty, Antwerpen, BE
Paul Morel, Antwerpen BE
Blend, Kamiel & Hendrik Buysse, Antwerpen, BE
Old Fashioned - Steve Okhuysen, Gent, BE

Joined by Dj's, Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier, Tattoo & Graffiti artists.

Buy your tickets now and be ready for a smashing evening!
See you all there!

15.11.15, Eskimofabriek, Gent
From 18:00 till the early hours.

The Flemish Food Bash team